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Present Occupation :


Secondary School Qualifications :
Higher Education :

Other relevant qualifications :

Which languages do you speak/read/write?(please comment on your level of proficiency)

Do you have any initial training in teaching English as a foreign language?
Please give qualification, organisation, dates and grades.

Do you have any formal training as a teacher of other subjects?

Do you have any experience in teaching English as a foreign language?

If you answered YES how long have you been teaching?

Did / do you teach

If you teach children, which age group?

What other work experience or professional training do you have?

Any other information which you think may be relevant to this application

Please give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two referees who would be prepared to give relevant support
to this application. Indicate in what context they know you.

Language Awareness Task

Please complete this task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision about your application.

1. Correcting a student’s mistake. In each case:

a) underline the mistake;

b) write the corrected version on the space provided;

c) write in simple terms, as if speaking to a learner of English, how you would make the correction clear.

a) ‘I’d like some informations about your courses’ ‘Certainly, here’s our brochure’


a) ‘Have you got any money?’ ‘’Yes, I’ve been to the bank yesterday.’


a) Is John ill? He’s lost a lot of weight.’ ‘Yes, he’s rather slender these days, isn’t he?’


2. Helping students understand differences in meaning

(i) Comment on the difference in meaning between the following pairs sentences.

(ii) Outline some ideas on how you might teach these differences in meaning.

a) If I had the money, I’d buy a new car.

b) If I have the money, I’ll buy a new car.


a) Give me a hand with this bag, will you?

b) Could you give me a hand with this bag, please?


3. Reason to become a teacher

On a separate sheet of paper, write an essay of approximately 300 words saying why you would like to be an English teacher.

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