English for teenagers (12-15 y.o.).

“Solutions” course books.

The course of studies comprises5 levels.

The students speak English from the first lesson on. The course material is so well-chosen that they are eager to learn more.

From lesson to lesson, the course book tells an exciting story about teenagers from different countries. While doing the tasks and activities, the students can take part in their adventures.

The learning process involves cognitive video-sequences, modern songs, information about different countries, regarding teenage interests and hobbies. It makes the course interesting and useful, not only in what concerns language-learning, but also in the sense of improving and increasing general knowledge.

From the third to fourth level on, your children will be able to watch films and to understand popular songs in English.

Every level is connected with the course for adults; so on completion of any level, the student can switch over to the corresponding level of the adults’ course.

Studying twice a week per 2 academic hours, the students will complete one level in 8 months.