English for corporate clients

In the modern world, foreign language skills are crucial to successful business.

You need new business partners, international contracts; you want to be able to promptly react to the world business events.

You are a professional and you work with professionals. We have been working professionally in the field of education since 2002.

Working with us, you will be able to plan the education of your employees, to choose the study syllabus, to schedule the most convenient time and place for the lessons. Apart from having a humanitarian higher education, a number of our teachers have also completed a second education in another field, like economics or engineering, which provides them with highly valuable skills for conducting specialized courses for companies working in various business fields.

Our teachers have extensive experience of working with companies like Pro Credit Bank, the Porto-Franco bank, theSapsan firm, the newspaper The World in Your Pocket and others.

Course description:

Our center offers a course of Business English (Course books In Company, Insights into Business), or a course in general English (Course books New Headway), comprising 5 levels per 144 academic hours.

Or either you can choose our Intensive Business English Course and your employees will be speaking English within two weeks!

A special course can be developed exclusively for your company, regarding your specific field of business activity.

The initial language level is assessed through preliminary testing. Studying 3 times a week per 2 academic hours, you will be able to complete one level within 6 months; 2 times a week within 9 months; once a week within 12 months.

If the students dont have any initial level of English (dont know the alphabet, cant read or write), we provide a preliminary course that lasts 1,5 to 2 months.

The lessons are held with the help of video- and audio-materials, computer programs and Internet resources.

Our skilled approach, comfortable working places and conditions provide for a warm, friendly atmosphere. The use of role-play, real life situations and humorous examples will make your learning interesting and highly effective.

On completion of each level we hold a testing session. We also provide for handouts (learning materials other than course books), as well as a report on the progress of every student for the head of the company if necessary.

It is also possible to develop a special course of the French, Spanish, German or Russian language for your company.

Payment method: cash or clearing

Payment terms: monthly or on agreement

Time of classes: on agreement

Location of classes: Classes can be held on the centers premises (12, Uspenskaya str.) or on the premises of your company.

If the classes are held in company, the transportation costs for the teacher are covered separately; the classroom must have minimal equipment: a board and a tape-recorder (a computer).

As our corporate client, you will feel how much more efficiently your business will be developing. The interaction with foreign partners will gain in mutual understanding and success!

English for business development!