Study modes

We offer different ways of studying


You can study in a group or individually.

You can take your course in the conventional mode or choose an intensive course.

We have developed courses in general spoken language as well as diverse specialized courses.

Group studies are the most effective mode of studying by communicative methods. In a group, it is easy to create the environment of communication in a foreign language. While asking and answering questions, participating in role play etc., you easily pick up the details of pronunciation and intonation. You stop feeling too shy to speak, and thus get over the language barrier quickly and easily.

Individual lessons have their own advantages.

You can schedule your lessons for a time convenient for you, as well as the intensity of your own studies. Your progress increases due to the individual approach. For individual students, the attendance of the English speaking club is especially important – it’s crucial for practicing the spoken language.

The conventional study schedule has been developed by our teachers based on own experience and methods of teaching, as well as the experience and methods of other language schools. It is ideal for people who work or study, and who are determined to develop high-quality language skills.

The intensive course has been developed for those, who are in the need of quickly acquiring the basic language skills, particularly the speaking skill.

Our intensive classes are held 5 times a week per 2 academic hours, with mandatory homework and mandatory attendance of the English speaking club on Saturdays. It will take a considerable amount of your time.

The course duration can be from 1 to 3 months.

General spoken language is the language we use for our everyday communication at work, in shops, at home or on holiday. It’s the vocabulary learned and taught all over the world. With even just Elementary level, you will be able to convey your meaning and to understand a communication partner in any country.

General spoken English:

Specialized English study syllabus.

Other languages:

  • Russian
  • German.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Italian.

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