Video collection and library

It’s not a secret that watching films with subtitles in the language you are learning helps develop your listening skills, improve your pronunciation and enrich your vocabulary. Besides, it helps acquire some idioms and stale expressions, which will gradually make your speech livelier and more diverse, more like the speech of the native speakers.

Watching films in the original language offers you and opportunity to better understand some characteristic traits of non-verbal communication (gestures, mimic, manners, body language) of native speakers and develop your skill of interpreting them.

That’s why we have an English video collection and a library in our center!

Our video collection

Our video collection comprises over 140 English films on cassettes and over 140 films on DVD (with English, Russian or Ukrainian subtitles to your choice). New films are constantly added to it! People of all ages and with diverse tastes can always find something interesting for themselves. We have been trying to choose films that are rich in conversations, with expressive acting (and with clear, distinct pronunciation and articulation), as well as exciting plots. Some of the block-busters include a bonus in the form of a documentary telling about making the film, some curious and funny situations that had taken place in the process, comments from actors and film-makers, and such like. Some discs have also a supplementary version of the film with comments from the actors and the film-makers (“Here I couldn’t help smiling, so we had to shoot the entire episode again!”) These are not only interesting, but also highly useful supplements, since they let you hear live, non-rehearsed, up-to-date native English speech. Among our films, you can find kind comedies, touching melodrama, exciting detective stories. And the youngest of our students will enjoy our cartoon collection!

Our library and video collection can be used not only by our students, but also by our guests!

Eight Below

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Duration:1:55 min.

Date of issue: 2006

A film by: Frank Marshall

Starring: Paul Walker,
Bruce Greenwood,
Moon Bloodgood,
Jason Biggs,
Gerard Plunkett,
August Schellenberg

A story based on real life events. Three scientists – Gerry Sheppard, his best friend Cooper and another geologist are forced to leave their base station in Antarctica, deserting their friends – the sledge dogs, who had been serving them the best they could. After a while, they come back on a rescue mission. The dogs however had survived, trying to manage on their own in the severe environment…


Genre: Fiction, action, thriller, melodrama

Duration: 125 min.

Date of issue: 1998

A film by: Michael Bay

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Liv Tayler.

The shadow of the giant asteroid is dooming upon Earth. It’s just days before the fatal collision. Armageddon, the tragic end of the world history, is drawing close. Preventing the catastrophe takes a miracle – or either the joint effort from the best of the best along with the entire technological might created by the mankind. Can a handful of people stand up against the powers of the Universe?...


Genre: drama, adventure

Duration:135 min.

Date of issue: 08.12.2006

A film by: Mel Gibson

Script by: Mel Gibson

Starring: Dalia Ernandes, Maira Serbulo, Gerardo Tarasena, Raoul Truhildo, Rudi Youngblood, Shelby Young

Bonus: Coments by Mel Gibson himself!

Mayan civilization before Spanish conquest. Sanguinary battles with neighbouring tribes, immolation of humans, mysterious anagogical rituals. The Indians are living as if it was their last day without even knowing that this day is the last one indeed. The conquerors are coming…
Scent Of A Woman

Genre: drama

Duration: 2:36 min.

Date of issue: 1992

A film by: Martin Brest

Starring: Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, James Rebhorn, Gabrielle Anwar, Richard Venture, Bradley Whitford

AL Pacino won his first “Best Actor” Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of an overbearing, blind retired Leutenant Colonel who hires a young guardian (Chris O’Donnel), to assist him. In a heart-wrenching and heartwarming tale of opposites attracting when they embark on a wild week-end trip that will change the life of both men forever.
“An amazing film. Intelligently written and movingly told. This is one of Al Pacino’s best and riskiest performances.”
- Roger Ebert, Siskel &Ebert \ Chicago Sun-Times
Shrek 2

Genre: Comedy, animated cartoon, children’s films, 3D animation. Family films

Duration: 105 min.

Date of issue: 21.05.2004

A film by: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon

Актеры: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon

Voice by: Mike Mayers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Litgow

After the honeymoon, Shrek the green troll and his wife get an invitation from Fiona’s parents – King Harold and Queen Lilian. However, the royal couple are horrified by their daughter choosing a troll as her husband and on top of all, turning into a monster herself. They get a fairy to help them. She should return Fiona her human appearance, while prince Charming is supposed to seduce the princess. Moreover, a famous killer of giants – the Puss in Boots…

Franklin: Favorite Turtle Tales

Duration: 105 min.

Date of issue: 2004г.

A film by: Universal

Franklin and his friends get together to start on an exciting trip, to learn cycling and to go to school for the very first time! Each episode is a lovely adventure, full of fun, discoveries and lessons of life.


Reading in a foreign language is not just a way to increase your vocabulary and develop your grammar skills. It’s a way to acquire the “feel” of the language, a way to perfect your “language intuition” and thinking in the target language. These skills will help guess the meaning of unfamiliar words and grammar forms, using the ones that you already know. The sentence patterns used in the book story will gradually become “yours”, serving you for mentally building your own sentences.

Our library has books by classics like Mark Twain, John Escot, Richard Prescott and others. All the books are adapted to different levels of language learners, which allows you to not only perfect your language skills, but also to just enjoy the reading.

Our students and the members of our English Speaking Club are welcome to use the library free of charge!