Its not a secret that even after successful language study, if you stop at some level and dont practice the foreign language after, the level of your language skills will be sinking. If you need the language after a while – for instance, for your job, or for a trip you might be surprised at how much of your language skill is gone and lost.

Language skills have a lot in common with sports: you acquire both as you practice, and you lose both if you stop practicing.

Our new form of language practice designed specifically for such cases is immersion in an artificially created language environment.

Our teachers have created a unique method, with the help of which you will be able to restore your lost language skills and acquire new knowledge within a relatively short period of time. It is based on years of experience and the best methods created by native and foreign professionals.

It is commonly known that it takes consistent practice to not forget the language once learnt. This method is not a method of direct language teaching. It is much rather the practice needed in order to keep up ones language level, to get over the language barrier, to enrich ones vocabulary and to acquire fluency of speech.

If you need this type of result, you are welcome! You will be feeling your progress very soon during the very first module that you attend. One module consists of two days, six hours each.

The activities dont take place in the classroom only: we take walks and excursions, have lunch together, listen to songs, watch video. An immersion is not about language work only. It is also about relaxation, adventure, communication and positive experience.

The modules of the course are independent, so you can attend one or several of your choice. You can, for instance, choose the topics that correspond to your interests, and miss the less interesting ones. Or your participation can depend on your other plans.




Feedback from participants of our immersion:

Its a really good idea to speak only English all week-end!

I took part in this program twice. And both times it was interesting, different and emotional. I want to say: Thank You! It helped me to make my English better and spend my time with interest. So, Ill come to this program many more times.

With best regards,

Sveta Sahno

As a visitor to Odessa, the immersion provided a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the city and its history from people who live here. Also, having spent the last four months living in Ukraine without being able to speak Russian or Ukrainian, it was really refreshing to be surrounded by people keen to use English in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.
The visit to the literature museum on the first day was very interesting. I enjoyed learning about the citys literary past and about the different writers who either lived in Odessa or had some connection with the city. However, the guided tour was possibly a little too long and detailed, and some of the others seemed uninterested in the subject matter. Perhaps the participants could have had more input in the planning stage and could have been given the choice of which museum to visit.
The walking tour of the city on the second day was extremely informative and enjoyable. I liked that the participants were responsible for organising and planning the excursion this time. The sights and the walking route were well chosen, and everyone had prepared interesting facts and information about the various monuments and places we visited. I had seen many of the sights before, but without knowing much about them. Seeing these places as a member of the group and hearing the stories behind them from local people brought the citys history to life.
Given that I was the only native speaker in attendance, my experience of the immersion was obviously quite different from that of the other participants. Unlike the others, I do not speak Russian and know little about the city or the topics we discussed. However, it is a testament to the quality of the excursions that they were interesting and enjoyable, even without the motivation of practicing language skills. I hope that my presence gave the others extra impetus to use English and gave a greater authenticity to our interactions. I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion and am grateful for having had the chance to participate.

David McDonald

It was so interesting to take part in all the immertions we had! Each one was so different and exciting. It was a great pleasure to spend good time with nice people and to communicate with native speakers!
This program helps not only to improve your English but it gives a great chance to improve your communicative skills =)

Lilia Glovatskaya

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