The English speaking club. Celebrations

While studying with us, the students tend to become really close-knit. They spend time together not only at lessons, but out of class just as well.

English club

If you are studying English – this is an opportunity to practice and imply your knowledge in a real life situation.

If you are good at grammar you'll master the skill of speaking.

If you speak good English you will find some brilliant conversation partners.


Taking part in our role-play games, you will be able to see how prepared you are to use your English spontaneously, you might find yourself in unconventional roles, “visit” other countries, or even other planets where no one understands or speaks anything other than English. It is an opportunity for you to learn and share a lot about your favourite TV characters, classical writers, rock stars and musicians, to sing famous hits, and to appreciate the details of their lyrics, or just to have a good time with good friends and a cup of real English tea.


It is an opportunity for you to watch your favourite films in their original versions, spot the nuances of the actors' English speech and intonation, to learn new things about other countries' culture and history, get prepared for a tourist trip, take a bushcraft course, rent a car, and to do lots of other exciting and useful things for any real life situations.

The club is run by experienced teachers.

Club hours: Saturday, 16.00


Studying with us, the students make great friends in their groups. They spend time together not only at lessons, but also after them. So, it is not surprising that holidays like the New Year Eve, St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween are celebrated at our center. We make these celebrations exciting, and the students also get a chance to learn something new. They can communicate in English with different people, take part in competitions and win prizes.

The New Year party


It is usually

Terribly funny!

Awfully tasty!

Horribly interesting!