Summer camp


Do they spend hours in front of the TV or computer?
Are your too busy at work and around the house?

Take your child to our daytime


The camp is designed for children aged 7 to 11 who already have some knowledge of the foreign language.

In the morning, from 9.00 till 10.00, the children have their first language lesson. The topic depends of the excursion or activity scheduled for the day. After the lesson the children have the scheduled activity, which can be a museum or zoo visit, a visit to an exhibition or gallery, horseback riding or seeing a dolphin show, watching a 4D film and other. All the activities are designed to awaken the children’s interest, so that they are involved and eager to learn something new.

On return from the excursion, at 12.30, the children are offered a full and tasty lunch.

From 13.00 till 15.00 the children have their second language lesson. They learn various crafts, make posters, origami, draw, paint, model from plasticine and other.

After the lesson the children have a light snack and go to the “Lanzheron” beach.

There are 12 to 15 children in a group. Each group has a teacher, who speaks the foreign language to the children all day, and a counselor, who is responsible for safety, order and discipline.

Here, you children will not only find new friends – they will be practicing a foreign language and learning a lot of new and interesting things.

Our summer camp employs highly qualified specialists, whose efforts are aimed at ensuring that your children have a pleasant, unforgettable and safe time while learning and having fun at our centre.

Approximate schedule of summer vacation and study

4th. shift (from 15.Julytill 26.July) 5th. shift (from 29.July till 09.August)

Day 1 - Organizational matters. Games. A walking tour about the historical city center.

Day 1 - An excursion to the "Your Garden"gardening center, crafts.

Day 2 -A visit to Bleschunovs museum, crafts.

Day 2 - An excursion to the Museum of Literature, origami.

Day 3 - 4D cinema, application "My cartoon".

Day 3 - An excursion to the astronomic observatory.

Day 4- Horseback riding, application.

Day 4- A sea trip by boat.

Day 5 - Making a comic about camp life, Treasure hunt a team game.

Day 5 - Treasure hunt a team game., Project 5 days.

Day 6 - A visit to the female monastery. Making a poster.

Day 6 -Bowling in the E club. Making a poster.

Day 7 - Seeing the dolphin show, art application.

Day 7 - A visit to Roerichs museum, crafts.

Day 8 - An excursion to the cargo sea port.

Day 8 - Nemo oceanarium, painting on pebbles.

Day 9 - An excursion to the museum of local lorehistory, painting.

Day 9 - Childrens entertainment centre "Igroland".

Day 10 - A walk in the Shevchenko park. Drama performance.

Day 10 - A walk in the Shevchenko park. Drama performance.

And all this happens in English!

Our camp works from 9.00 till 18.00

(On weekdays)

Lunchtime: 12.30 -13.00

Every day from 15.00 till 18.00

A beach outing to Lanzheron and "Luzanovka".