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Our teachers

Our center has a close-knit team of teachers. Highly qualified teachers work together with young and talented beginners.

Our highly qualified teachers, apart from having a humanitarian higher education, are also holders of international certificates in language teaching.
The certificates of IHCTL, CELTA (developed by Cambridge University (UCLES)) and SIT TESOL confirm their right to teach English in any country of the world. The young and promising beginner teachers do a compulsory preliminary training course of Pre-CELTA and Discover TEFL.

Apart from having a humanitarian higher education, a number of our teachers have also completed a second education in another field, like economics or engineering, which provides them with highly valuable skills for holding specialized classes for companies working in various business and professional fields.

Having diverse interests concerning politics, business, world literature and culture makes them not only language teaching professionals, but also interesting communication partners. In close co-operation with the best Ukrainian and international language schools our teachers improve their qualifications.

All year round they visit international conferences and work in various international language schools in order to exchange experience. The center also holds weekly ELT workshops, where the teachers exchange their knowledge on new methods of language teaching, literature and course books, video, audio and computer-based systems of language learning.

The process is constantly supervised by the Director of Studies (DOS). The Director of Studies observes the lessons, assessing the performance of the teachers, holds workshops in methods of teaching and coordinates the work of all the teachers.

Nataly Yerasova,
The director and one of the most experienced teachers of our centre.

Due to sharing her energy and commitment with the teachers and students of our centre, due to her resourcefulness and capacity to discover talents, Nataly has created an experienced team of teachers each of whom contributes their share into the development of the language school. She is not only an internationally certified teacher, but also a great trainer for young teachers, able to convey the very core of the method and teaching as such.
She got her first higher education in the Polytechnic University of Odessa. But later she realized that she wanted to work with people, not with machines, and decided to become a teacher of English. In 2002, she graduated from Odessa Mechnikov University, the department of Romance and German Philology with a degree in the English Language and Literature. As a student, in 1999, she received an internationally recognized certificate in teaching, completing the IH Certificate Course in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to Adults.

The main sphere of Natay’s professional interest is teaching business English, as well as preparation course for TOEFL, FCE, IELTS and similar tests. However, due to her abundant experience and specific education, she is able to meet the individual traits and needs of every student.

Marina Atanova,
Senior English teacher.

Marina is a true professional, who possesses a great experience of language teaching. She graduated from the Institute of Business Management in Cherkassy, the department of Romance and German Philology, with the degree in translation. In September 2008 she joined the language Centre “Lingva” as a teacher of English, completed the Discover TEFL teacher training course, and in winter 2010 she successfully completed the SIT TESOL teacher training course and was awarded an internationally recognized certificate in teaching English through communicative approach. In October 2010 she successfully completed a training course in preparation for the IELTS international test and received an internationally recognized certificate.
Marina is a strong-willed and inquisitive kind of person. Communicating with her, you can feel her energy, kindness and zest for life. She likes meeting new people, and she sets a high value on the individuality of every person. Marina thinks that every person with dignity needs to speak at least one foreign language, and she is happy to help everyone achieve this goal.

Elena Skachko,
German teacher.

Elena is a kind-hearted person, pleasant to communicate with, and a really strong professional in the German language. She has been teaching German since 1999. Elena has been working in the language centre Lingva since September 2006. Here she completed the Discover TEFL initial teacher training course to use the worldwide known communicative approach in her teaching.InMay 2011 she successfully completed the full-range SIT TESOL international certificate training course.

Her lessons are exciting and instructive, and the atmosphere she creates at them is relaxed and high-spirited. Elena possesses a refined sense of humour, which she uses for explaining new material. At her lessons, you will master the grammar while talking and communicating. Her games, rhymes and songs please both children and adults. Her great teaching experience, as well as the experience of working abroad, helps her teach her favorite language.

Tatiana Bevza,
English teacher

Tatyana is a young, promising teacher. She has graduated from the Odessa Pedagogical University in 2012, as a philologist of the English and German languages. Tatyana works at the language center Lingva since October, 2012. Here in the center she has successfully completed teacher training course in teaching English as a foreign language (Discover TEFL). Tatyana thinks that the knowledge of a foreign language is necessary for a further development of everybody as a personality.

Robert Skailes,
English teacher

My degree is in chemistry, and I worked as a teacher of chemistry/maths in UK for several years., but my interests have always been much wider than this. Since 1991 I have worked as a teacher/lecturer in schools/universities in Germany, France, Jamaica and Greece - and I am now enjoying the 'fresh air' of some English teaching in Ukraine, and the cosmopolitan life of Odessa with occasional travel too. My interests change and develop all the time, but have always included a wide range of music, and current affairs. Lately I have been reading a lot about the history of Europe, especially of Eastern Europe, which was a 'closed book' for us 'westerners' until recently. I am retired, and am settled in Odessa for the foreseeable future, married to Olga.

We are constantly looking for young teaching professionals.They are selected on a competitive basis, and having completed their teaching training practice teaching, they have all the skills needed for teaching by communicative method and, of course, excellent knowledge of the foreign language.

Studying in our centre, you can be assured that you are really studying through the communicative method, effective and worldwide popular.