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Feedback from our clients

Our clients are people of all ages, various professions, with different interests and hobbies. But what they all have in common is their wish to study foreign languages!

Here is some feedback and comments from our current and former students.

We are grateful for positive feedback and kind wishes.

At the lessons, every teacher inputs a part of their soul to the students along with the knowledge and skill, and so do the students in return. A group can be close-knit to the extent where they spend their free time after lessons together. The teachers never forget their students: every student’s success is tribute to the teachers effort.

So, we are especially pleased to hear about the success of our students. We are proud of our slogan: Languages for promotion!

«Im having an exciting time here, and I would like my future profession to be connected with foreign languages. Thanks to “Lingva”, I have new prospects now. I wish you prosperity and a lot of students».

Anastasia Savichna, student

You have good teachers, and the methods are suitable for me. I notice my own progress in speaking and listening. My speaking skill is improving due to constant practice.

Olga Viktorovna S., manager

I attend the courses because it is interesting and fun to study in the group. Its not like school at all! I wish the centre long years of work and prosperity.

Alesha Moiseyev, schoolchild

The center is well-equipped for studies, the classrooms are convenient and there are not too many people in the class with me. There is everything you need to facilitate the studies and to turn them into a pleasure.

Alyona Iskizarova, student

Lingva is conveniently located in the city center, close to where I live. You have good teachers..

Elena Pampukha, student

I like the professional approach and the attitude towards the children, everyone is attentive and friendly. I wish you luck and good prospects!.

Anatoliy Vladimirovich Moskalenko, architect

Thank you for your friendly and attentive attitude, for the knowledge weve already obtained here, even though it hasnt been long yet. We like the individual approach to every child and the manner of introducing the English language clearly and naturally at the earliest stage of learning..

Parent of Alyosha Ulianov (6 y.o.)

There are many things I would wish you: to develop the center, to open affiliate schools in other parts of the city, perspective and creativity. You have excellent methods of teaching: everything is very clear, simple and understandable.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Sinitsin

I dont see anything to be critical of. As for wishes, all I wish is that together, we give the children some knowledge that will be useful for them in the future. We attend your school because my child enjoys it. She is willingly doing her homework and attending the classes. She is making very good progress with her English.

Tatiana Afanasievna Duka, sales manager (writing materials)

You have sensible prices, good teachers, groups that are not overcrowded, teaching through playing, convenient time – thats what Id been looking for! I like it, and we do have progress, which matters the most, after all.

Granny of Nastya Styrba (6 y.o.)


Great thanks to the language centre Lingva and personally to the director Natalya Sergeevna Yerasova for highly qualified preparation, effective skills to present the material, and especially for the great emotional input into the preparation of every student.


Mikhail Katsyn, student


The language centre Lingva is my luck charm for success! In one month I got prepared for the IELTS test, even though I had been speaking and learning only German for the past 5 years! I passed my IELTS test with the grade I needed, and was successfully accepted for enrollment in several universities in Holland, Belgium and England. Later I turned to the Centre for assistance in preparation of a presentation for taking part in a student scholarship program. As a result, I won a grant from Viktor Pinchuks Foundation for study in one of the best universities of England! All this became possible with the help of Natalya Sergeevna the director of the language centre Lingva. Thank you very much! Now, I recommend this particular language centre to all my friends, and they are also very happy with it. I have only positive impressions of the language centre Lingva.


Galina Mikhailyuk, student

When I decided to pass TOEFL exam,I needed quick and high-level preparation to gain certain scores. Natalya and John gave me a great package of useful techniques as to be ready for exam as far as possible. As a result I have gained the scores I needed for my studies. I like that professors are able to adapt their schedule to Clients needs. It shows that they put the Client first".

Yulia, student


I have been studying in LC Lingva for 3 years now. When I came here first, my goal was to prepare for my FCE exam, and I successfully passed it, thanks to the special method of exam preparation. However, my studies here didnt stop at that. Studying here, the students have an opportunity to broaden and develop their knowledge without exhausting studies, just enjoying the process of communication. Moreover, it was here in LC Lingva that I learnt about a possibility to participate in students essay contests. I sent in my essay, and I won a trip to one of the most well-known schools in Canada. At the moment, I am preparing for my CAE exam. We are taught by a Russian-speaking teacher and a native speaker teacher. It allows developing the speaking skills along with pronunciation and grammar. On Saturdays, we attend the speaking club. The informal communication completely takes away the language barrier. In LC Lingva, everybody gets an opportunity to make their dreams real: learn the language, go to study in an English-speaking country or just find new friends and interesting people to talk to.

Elena Koch, student


If you want to bring up your children as successful people, and to make sure theyve got their knowledge, come to Lingva language school. My son started attending this school when he was 9. He had lessons, spent time in the summer camp, and he was always happily sharing exciting things about his studies. He is 16 now, and he is fluent in English. He is continuing his studies in a group with teachers, has no difficulty communicating with native speakers, and reads English books. Not only has my son learnt English in this school, but he has also found friends, goal-oriented children like himself, for whom learning and becoming successful is a matter of prestige. It is really important, what kind of person your child grows up to be, what principals he will base his life on, and what kind of role-models his teachers are. For my son, Lingva has become a second home, where he is known, loved and taught. I would like to give my special thanks to the director of the school, Nataly, who has input her heart and soul into the school and into my son. I know this also from my personal experience as a student of LC Lingva! p>

Alyona the mother of our student Dima