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About Us

The Language Center «Lingva» was created in 2002, and now it is rightfully considered to be one of the best study centers in the city of Odessa.

The founders of the Center are teachers of English, holders of university degrees and international certificates, who have extensive work experience in international organizations and higher educational establishments of our city.

We teach children and adults through the communicative approach (CA), which has been used throughout the world for over 60 years and is recognized as a most effective method of teaching.
By using CA professionally, we have established ourselves as a study center, where all language aspects (such as speaking, reading, writing and listening) are taught effectively.

In September 2010, we started using new books for adults, teenagers and children. For adults we’re using “New Headway the third edition”, for teenagers – Solutions and Project for children. These course books help students get prepared for Cambridge exams. In our center you can take a course of preparation to any of these exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC. The preparation for the listed exams in our center is naturally bound to the main course and corresponds to the level of your knowledge. Pre-test offers a unique opportunity to the students to try themselves in passing Cambridge exams in real-time conditions, which gives them a chance to feel the atmosphere of the exam, be psychologically prepared and get practice in passing the exams. Having passed the mock exam, our students will obtain precious experience and confidence, which will help them successfully pass a real exam. It also helps correct the preparation process, and figure out which skill requires more attention, which gaps and strong sides the students have. Moreover, the Cambridge exams offer an opportunity of independent assessing your learning process, which helps understand what stage of learning you are at now, and where should head for.

In April 2011, LC Lingva got accredited and became an official Pre-test centre of Cambridge ESOL in Odessa. Real time trial examinations (Mock Exams) are run by the teachers of LC Lingva, who follow exactly the examination procedure and situation. The materials used are the ones used at Cambridge examinations of previous years, published by Cambridge ESOL. Both the format and the procedure of the Mock Exam are identical with the real examination, and are in accordance with the Cambridge standards of quality. All test papers are checked by Cambridge ESOL examiners, and are evaluated in compliance with the valid regulations.

At the invitation from Cambridge ESOL, our centre is taking part in the pre-testing procedures for newly developed examination materials. At the moment, pre-testing procedures are under way for the new format of the CPE test.Highly advanced learners are invited to try taking an CPE Mock Exam, and to be the first to experience a new CPE examination format developed for the year 2013.

Here is an extract from the letter we have received from Cambridge ESOL on 18. April 2011.

Cambridge ESOL is currently updating the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). New CPE will be released in 2013 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the exam, and will include new tasks in a new format. If your centre/school has students/candidates at or near Council of Europe Level C2, this would be a valuable opportunity to take part in the pretesting of the new exam material. Your feedback on the pretests will also assist us greatly in the development of these new exams.

Testing materials before they are used in exams allows us to make certain our exams are accurate and fair. As part of Cambridge ESOL's commitment to quality and fairness, we submit all the materials in our exams to a number of procedures to ensure they are accurate and reliable. One of these quality procedures is pretesting. Pretests give learners a chance to practise taking a Cambridge ESOL exam using genuine questions under exam conditions.

In the modern world, mastering foreign languages opens great opportunities: it enables you to learn more about the world, to find new friends in different countries, to ensure professional promotion, to be more skilled in your field than others. Being more skilled and knowledgeable than others, you are also more likely to be appreciated and promoted. Hence the slogan of our center:

Languages for promotion!